REVIEW: Mooncup reusable menstrual cup

“I feel so comfortable with the technique now I would even wear it with that pale pink jumpsuit.” Charlotte, SH:24 nurse

Continuing our team’s review of eco-friendly sanitary products, Charlotte shares her experiences with one of the better known brands of menstrual cup: the Mooncup.

I am currently on my second period using the Mooncup. The first period I tried to use it on was a bit of a disaster but I’d been really keen to make the switch and was pretty determined to make it work!

First time round my period came on the day of an event that I was wearing a pale pink jumpsuit to. There was no way I was going to risk trying it then. The next day I was hungover…I couldn’t bring myself to try it then, it seemed too complicated.

On the third day I decided to quickly pop it in before work. This was my first mistake. It is a bit tricky to get in, especially in a rush when you’re a bit bleary eyed on a Monday morning. I managed to get the cup, my hand and the floor covered in blood. Once it was in I did find it ok but I could definitely feel it and didn’t feel comfortable enough to do exercise. You can leave the cup in for 8 hours so luckily I was able to take it out at home. This was lucky because it went everywhere! 8 hours is too long and unlike pads and tampons it’s hard to tell when the cup might be getting too full.

I waited another 4 weeks to give my review because even after a difficult start I knew that a bit of practice might help. This time around has been much, much better! I have mastered the knack of folding the cup as tightly as possible and getting it in as far as possible. Once you release your fingers the cup just springs into position and when it is in the right position you really cannot feel it. Taking it out has also become easier but I do check on it after about 4-5 hours. I feel so comfortable with the technique now I would even wear it with that pale pink jumpsuit.

I have found my period to be shorter when using the Mooncup - it seems that maybe the gentle suction action of the cup helps your period along. What I really like about the cup is that, unlike tampons, you can use it even when your period is really light towards the end. I still haven’t tried to exercise with it in, but that is really my own laziness.


(Lead photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash)

(Image via Mooncup website)

(Image via Mooncup website)