#STIFriday - Can I take an STI test while I have my period?


Yes, you can take an STI test at any time during your cycle including when you are on your period and it won’t affect the results.

At SH:24, we test for gonorrhoea and chlamydia, both of which involve a vaginal swab for those with female genitals.

But remember: you should wait for two weeks after being exposed to an infection before testing. This is because chlamydia and gonorrhoea can take up to two weeks to be detected in a test. You can do this test at any time of day and if you are on your period.

The STI tests for syphilis and HIV involve giving blood samples and so being on your period will not influence these results either.

Tests for Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C also involve giving a blood sample, not a swab. SH:24 doesn’t test for either of these STIs, although they are available via our commercial brand, Fettle

Visit your local sexual health clinic if you think you’ve been exposed to Hepatitis B or C – you can find out more about symptoms and where to get help on our website here.

Although SH:24 does not offer testing for thrush or bacterial vaginosis, if you are offered a test for either of these by your GP or sexual health clinic, let them know if you will be testing during your period as it may be a factor in the symptoms you are experiencing.

While cervical screening is not an STI test and not a service that we offer at SH:24, it is usually recommended that you arrange for your cervical smear test to be done in the middle of your cycle, which is approximately a week after your period has ended. Check with your GP or clinic when you book your cervical smear test.